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I’ll Wear Your Grandad’s Clothes

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ song “Thrift Shop” is a kick ass groove tune. If you can’t shake your ass to this song and be proud of where you are in your life, then what are you doing with yourself? Macklemore is a kid who shopped in thrift stores is whole life, buying everything from fur coats to acid wash clothing. [&hellip

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Earthquake in New Jersey!?

So did New Jersey have its second noticeable earthquake in less than a month? Twitter and Facebook are showing that west New Jersey experienced a bang and shaking! No confirmation on the cause of the disturbance. Man this has been one hell of a crazy month!

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Krispy Kreme’s Denzel Washington

Doing my Facebook stalking this evening I came across a post by a friend that said “sick” with a video that went along with it.  “Sick” basically tells me that I have to watch… I am very gullible that way.   So, I clicked play and BOOM!  I was smacked in the face with awesomeness!  Now I can’t tell if these kids [&hellip

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