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I’ll Wear Your Grandad’s Clothes

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ song “Thrift Shop” is a kick ass groove tune. If you can’t shake your ass to this song and be proud of where you are in your life, then what are you doing with yourself? Macklemore is a kid who shopped in thrift stores is whole life, buying everything from fur coats to acid wash clothing. [&hellip

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Nj Residents Are Paying For The Show ‘Jersey Shore’… $420,000!!!

Looks like New Jersey is going pick up the tab for some of the production costs of the MTV reality show, The Jersey Shore.  What that means is that you, me and everyone else will be paying into  $420,000.   I think most of us are 50/50 on the show.  Some like it, some hate it.  Now because the show [&hellip

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