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Jersey Shore Melts Down The Blizzard Of 2010

In the midst of the recent blizzard here in New Jersey, there is light!  Well, it’s the light of the speeding train that will wreck in January, also known as JERSEY SHORE Season 3.  I have had a hatred towards this show, but can’t seem to look away.  The Situation (Mike Sorrentino), has blown my mind with his funny quotes.  [&hellip

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Supporting Local Talent

John Still of Synergy Comic  located in South Jersey has been doing art his whole life, more to the liking of comic book art. You know, characters and a story line that stretches the imagination till you snap!  Recently, some of his work was featured in an exhibit in the Avatar Airbender Art Show in Philadelphia.  John is persuing his passion! Check [&hellip

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Where Ever I May Roam

This picture explains the free thinking minds that Jersey Trash Clothing Believes in. This is a photo of our friend Glen. Glen works as an Archeologist and currently resides where ever he wants, whether that be on a couch, a log cabin, in a tent or on the beach! I keep telling him he needs to start his own blog [&hellip

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