Dare To Be Diffrerent

Dare To Be Different

Just recently I found that my cousin Jenny has the ability to paint.  She started out of the blue this summer and has created some great pieces.  Life is but a canvas is her name on Etsy where you can see her work.  ‘Life is but a canvas!’  It’s true! Life can be created or destroyed with a blink of an eye.   I am a true believer that we are gods and goddesses that can paint the life we want.   I look at life as an experience.  No matter what you or I  believe in, we are not guaranteed anything after this.  Following this belief will make you live out your present day greater.  There is nothing to fall back on but the present.  It’s a fresh perspective that motivates me to keep moving forward living a electrifying  stress free life!  Jersey Trash’s whole belief follows this but people have their vision blurred by the negativity that surrounds them.  That is why we are trying to break the mold of negativity that has been put on New Jersey residents, that we are trash, that we are scum.  We are taking back the phrase Jersey Trash and labeling it as new, because  from the day you were born, you were taught to always “be yourself”.  However, you are instantly judged when you do so. Jersey Trash Clothing is a way of life – inclusive of all who embrace their individuality, are tolerant of others, and seek to engage in a world where anything is possible. We encourage you to stand out and live life to it’s fullest potential, no matter what anyone else has to say about it. This is YOUR LIFE, YOUR TIME… MAKE IT EPIC!

To check out Jenny’s art work go here Life Is But A Canvas