Doing my Facebook stalking this evening I came across a post by a friend that said “sick” with a video that went along with it.  “Sick” basically tells me that I have to watch… I am very gullible that way.   So, I clicked play and BOOM!  I was smacked in the face with awesomeness!  Now I can’t tell if these kids are that cleaver to make something so innocently epic.  I think to myself  “do they know what they have here?”  One kid in glasses named Money Maker Mike doesn’t say a word in any of the videos which makes it that much appealing.  Krispy Kreme looks uncomfortable rapping,  looking around and not focused on the camera… it shows an innocence or maybe inexperience in performing, what ever it is, it’s EPIC!  It brings real character to his rhymes that have the feel of early 90’s music.  Check out Denzel Washington by Krispy Kreme and his co-star Money Maker Mike!