It’s the end of an era for a NJ bar in South Jersey.  Which bar might that be?  It’s called The Pennant East in Bellmawr just off the Walt Whitman Bridge.  Now I am going to try my best to explain this place… hopefully I will do it some justice.  The Pennant is located on Rt 130 across the street from a adult bookstore and is wrapped around with a parking lot that is usually full of smokers, people making out in their cars and cops. This one time I remember two cops hunched over going from car to car trying to find people doing illegal things. They usually found those people.

Inside the bar you will find a mix crowd from Rowan University students to the totally busted aka Dirty Bombs (I couldn’t call them grenades cause the grenades on Jersey Shore are usually pretty attractive, so Dirty Bombs is the right term for this) to some damn hottie hot hotties!!! Late night you will see a rush of people come in from other bars for Last Call and have the honor to see the working girls from Gentlemen’s Club, Fantasy.  The music scene is always good with bands like Loud Mouth, Drop Dead Sexy and The Amish Outlaws.

There were nights where we would go just to sit at the bar and watch the people.  I have  seen  the weirdest and hottest people dance, I have seen fights, I’ve seen a hit and run (long story), I have seen the Philadelphia Eagles’  Fat Ass Hank Fraley and his friends  steal beers from the back cooler.  The Pennant is a place where anything goes… bouncers dancing on stage to women making out in the bathrooms.  Lets not forget Freedom Rock!  Freedom Rock is an old rocker that is like a local celebrity in the area.  He has long hair, glasses and  you will always see him in jeans, a rock n roll t-shirt and a head band.  If you haven’t danced with Freedom Rock…  you haven’t lived!

There have been many hook ups, many relationships started and ended at the Pennant.  I met my girlfriend there 5 years ago.  In a podcast there was a story about a guy who met a girl there… he went to use the men’s room and of course there are no stall doors and there is no way you would want to take a number two there because everyone would see you not to mention the toilets are filled with broken bottles.  So, this girl he met grabs some cocktail napkins and they go outside.  He takes a dump in between two cars.  Now imagine showing a girl you just met your poop face!  They are now husband and wife.  Crazy right?

Jersey Trash Clothing will be at the Pennant Saturday night to have some drinks, listen to some music and say thanks for the good times!

ps…. who was the girl that crapped herself in the bar and had to be carried out and was still poop’n as she was being brought out? Yup apparently that happened on White Trash Wednesday 8/7/2011