We  took a trip to The Downtown in Red Bank, New Jersey.   We were there to see Love Automatic, but before they came on there was a beautiful singer/song writer named Michele Karmin who was to open up the night’s entertainment.    She had a keyboard, drum and a rug.   My girlfriend and I were intrigued by this wondering what the hell was she going to do.   So, I looked her up on facebook before she began to play.   The first detail I noticed was that one of her musical influences was Tori Amos.   I knew we were in for a treat!

Michele took the stage, sang, played the piano and hit the drum with her foot to keep a beat.   Not only was she musically multitasking, she was good… really good.   My girlfriend said, “There are so many talented people out there, how do they get noticed?”  It was clear that what she and Love Automatic were doing, was how you get noticed.  They play everywhere that they can in hopes to get one person to follow them.   The sacrifices that are taken for these musicians to live their dreams speaks loud and clear.  They will do anything for one person to be inspired by their music.  I think they accomplished that task.

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