What better way to celebrate Jersey Trash’s mission of individuality than with a unique, proud, and unapologetic community of equal rights supporters and fighters? On Sunday, JTC went to Philly Pride to support the opening act, Daniel Gray’s Return of the Club Kids Tour.


Unsure of the response, we  began handing out stickers, describing our hopes & dreams, informing the audience that we handmade each and every one of the shirts on the performers.  

Daniel Gray (www.DanielGraysWorld.com)
Daniel Gray (www.DanielGraysWorld.com)



JT Revealed

Foil Designs debut by JTC

 Unlike the majority of screen printers, we do each and every color and layer of design by hand – no pivotal armed machinery or micro-registration involved.  Sure, it takes longer, but when it’s done, it’s something we take great pride in!

There’s no inside joke and no professional screen printer pumping out mass produced designs. What there is at Jersey Trash Clothing is a dream fueled by an ample amount of ambition and belief.  




Needless to say, we were welcomed on Sunday! 


We had a great time and met some wonderful entrepreneurs and artists with the same passion – to spread an idea that they believe in with all of their heart and if a customer senses that passion, then it was all worth it!